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Rich & Lydia di Castiglione are wild worshippers whose hearts burn to see God's love transform lives everywhere they go. Having experienced the incredible power of the Father’s healing love, they are passionate about seeing the most broken and abused come into freedom and fullness of life. 

Their debut single All Things New was released in August 2016. It is an outrageous cry for hope to arise even in the darkest places

"The chorus came from a spontaneous moment of worship whilst we were living in Kenya in 2014 - we would gather in a little office surrounded by brothels, strip clubs and sleazy bars and sing hope over the town of Mtwapa - a regional hub for sex tourism. You’d look down from the balcony and see old European men wandering the streets looking for cheap sex and desperate young mothers doing anything to put food on the table. It was in that place that we began to sing out at the top of our lungs - 'In the middle of the darkness the light of the world has come and you will make all things new. You will finish what you've started by the power of your mighty love, you will make all things new...' We believe that nothing can stand in the way of God’s Kingdom breaking out on the Earth" 

They first met in Holland back in 2009 and Rich successfully managed to woo Lydia with his English charm. They have now been blissfully married for 5 years and are parents to two outrageously cute children - River & David. 

Rich & Lydia are currently in the process of making their first record Make Us One which will be out in Summer 2017



Rich & Lydia's debut single All Things New was released in August 2016

Rich & Lydia are part of King's Cross Church (KXC) - their songs Kingdom Come and As Our Love Rises have featured as part of KXC Worship. Rich also sang on Love Song (Before You Formed the Earth) on KXC's Flux EP

Worship Leader Magazine voted Kingdom Come (Lift Up Your Heads) as one of the Top 20 Songs of 2016

Rich & Lydia were featured on David's Tent Live released in April 2016


Rich's last solo album Holloway Road was recorded in the living room and released in August 2014. You can find more of Rich's solo music at richdicas.com or here. (Rich also occasionally produces silly music to entertain his children and niblings)

Rich currently plays guitars with Danny O'Callaghan and Lucy Grimble